Puddle in the Pasture

A view of the Pacific Northwest from the back yard.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Isn’t Good!

Today is not going so well so far!

I realized I haven't seen Forest Pig (a special cat) in a long time, I think the thing that makes me most sad is that I didn’t realize ‘till now.


I found one of my mom-hatched baby turkeys in the pond, the mama was doing so good keeping the three alive!

If that's not bad enough I also left my goat on the stand all night last night and that morning I had left her feet tied to it. I have to tie her feet to the stand to milk her, except this morning she was very well behaved!

I think need a side kick to follow me around and question every thing I do!


Daisy said...

I'm sorry to hear things aren't going well there. We all have days like that, I guess. I hope things get better for you soon. I like the picture of the turkeys. :)

Anna Colleen said...

so sorry Bet.

A. Joy said...

We've all had days like those. I think that's why things that happen to animals make me so sad - because whenever something would happen to mine I felt like it was completely my fault that their life was so terrible and that I should have been able to do something about it. Still, to this day - I can't watch animal movies. Hope those kinds of days are few and far between for you!