Puddle in the Pasture

A view of the Pacific Northwest from the back yard.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Turkeys are a funny bird.
They are not very smart and can't see in the dark at all,
even when I go out a little late I can still see but they go scurrying in the wrong direction.
In the pic above these ones have just been let out in the snow for the first time.
They gobbled constantly and ran around a little more crazy than usual, and that was after not wanting to get out of their barn. Snow really freaks some folks out!
I have had a lot of fun raising my turkeys,
although it hasn't been all perfect, I've lost a few to the coyotes and other vermin.
But I love learning about them and their instincts.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

Hurray, hurray for St. Nicholas day,
we can start reading his autobiography!
He loves goat cheese and chocolate chip cookies,
and would prefer it if we would all leave him some,
there is no goat cheese at the North Pole.

He started life in Lycia, in the third century,
was orphaned at nine years old,
his parents having had him in their fifties
didn't live long in his life.
He became known for being a secret gift giver.
When the father of the young women who received
Nick's legendary first gift of money for dowries,
confronted Nicholas, he was told that it was
God alone
that the father should thank.

St Nicholas is a good example of
Christian gift giving.
The thought of him inspires me to
give not only gifts but also
hope and the love of Christ
to those who need Him.
The credit going to God alone.

Isn't this cloud cool?

Can't you see this as Santa's hat
or the swirl of air
caused by his speeding sleigh?

It is an altocumulus standing lenticularis,
or lenticularis, because it looks like a lens.
Nicknamed lennies, they indicate large
vertical air movement, big lifts
where moist stable air moves over a
mountain or mountain range.
All that technical stuff
But it is still a
cool cloud.

Monday, December 1, 2008


The calendar has turned.
The first candle has been lit.

The Nativity Scene is set.

My favorite Advent calender has been started.

Christian practice can be summed up by the word
In the New Testament
patience means waiting for God
for any length of time,
not going away,
and not giving in to boredom
or discouragement.
—Thomas Keating Cistercian priest and monk

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Piece of Sky

Pink sky at night, shepherds delight!
I was helping mom garden, and watching the sky,
the clouds looked strange all day.
I love the sky, clouds have always fascinated me.
I watch storm chasing shows and movies when ever I get a chance.
Why do I love storms so much? That is a good question,
I guess it's because it's exciting and in a way refreshing.
Things are different after a storm, something has always changed.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nosy Farm Animals

I can't tell if she would have a raspy or a squeaky voice.

This is Holly waiting for her grain,
all the horses love grain.

You know Fluffy,
he's suppose to be a ferocious guard dog,
but when he comes up smiling and
wagging his tail, people think he's cute.

This is Daphne, she's the sweetest.

This one definitely has a squeaky voice.

This is my dog Martin,
he doesn't normally look so funny,
he really is a very nice looking dog.

Chuck will be dinner in the spring, no "ohs"
That is why he is alive.

Patti is our Border Collie puppy,
of nine years ago.
There are more animals to be seen and introduced
but a little at a time don't you think.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Kai Master

This is my nephew Kai, who is the cutest little six year-old boy ever.
Kai is coming out to the farm tomorrow to help do chores, he is lots of fun to work with,
even if you don't get any work done.

I think every one should have a Kai in there life, he is so silly and happy all the time.

But now I'm going to bed so I can play tomorrow

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Bear

Everyone who sees Fluffy says he looks like a bear,

and after today I'm convinced he is.

I have been feeding the landlord/neighbor's trout,
when they come up to the surface to get the pellets,
Fluffy tries to eat the fish.
He came very close, I have to admit I was a little nervous.

Here is some autmm color to end the day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where's the Pond?

We let the ducks out to the pond for the first time today.
Okay, so it's not a pond quite yet,
but the more it rains the fuller it gets.
All the same, they were so happy
to be able to puddle around for a day.

Dad and I were getting ready to press apples,

when I came across this sweet little frog

on mom's mums.

I ran straight to the house and grabbed the camera.