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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Addition To The Farm

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This is Aurora, or Rory, or more often called Goaty Goat!  Rory is here to give us milk, she is not in milk right now but she is due to kid in January.  About two months after that we will be getting her full supply of milk. 

Rory is so sweet and friendly, when we went to pick her up she was the first goat to come over to us, and boy was she stinky!  The buck was out with the herd and he was sharing his smell with all the does.  When Rory got home she had to have a bath!


I got the stand out and all the cats decided it would be the perfect hang out spot, I shooed all the cats away and began.

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She was a little reluctant to get on the stand at first, but a little coaxing  with some grain she went right on.  She was so well behaved while I washed her, the fact that I used warm water may have helped.  After she was washed and still a little stinky, I took her over to eat some blackberry bushes in the sun to dry.




Anonymous said...

Hi Ebet, I am so glad to see you blogging again. Rory is a doll. Those cats just make me laugh investigating the stand!!! I bet Rory enjoyed the warm water and the blueberry bushes. My grandpa had a goat and had goats milk each night for supper. Hope you'll have a great weekend.

Daisy said...

Aw...she looks like a real sweetie! I bet she's happy in her new home. :)

LindaSueBuhl said...

she is a beauty - excited to see her baby (or twins -some of my nubies have twins) Yes nice to get that buck smell off as much as possible - I read that using toothpaste will get it off your hands - Rory is a bit large to toothpaste all over. Cat are staking out the milking spot early huh?

imac said...

Hello EBet, nice blog you have going here, brill photos and nice matching info.

Mrs. Mike said...

Next thing ya know you'll be world famous goat-milk-facial-soap tycoon!

A. Joy said...

Great post on the goats! We knew one day we'd see photos of you with goats again!
Oh - tell your mom ( since I can't leave comments on her blog because it doesn't recognize my password ) that the place where we went clam digging was on Whidbey Island last March. =)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Ebet..It was nice to read your comment on my blog..I love your goat..what fun for you..I do hope she has twins..double the trouble!:)