Puddle in the Pasture

A view of the Pacific Northwest from the back yard.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sometimes I can't help but stand and gaze at clouds.

These past few days have been nothing but rain,
yesterday it rained all day long.
But I don't really mind.

I think that twig sticking out there
is from the cotton wood I was standing near,
didn't mean for that to be in there,
but in a way it looks like a finger pointing to the cloud.


Martha said...

I love to watch the couds, it looks like you have some great ones.

Susie said...

These are pretty sky pictures. I like the tree branch in the picture.

Sally in WA said...

When we have all of that rain, I think it makes us appreciate the patches of blue sky when we do see it. :)

Have a fantastic Friday!

KathyB. said...

I love the rain and for some reason , in spite of the mud and inconvenience, the rain invigorates me. I think I was meant to be a Pacific Northwesterner. Love the pictures of the very clouds that passed over my place too.

Essence of Maine said...

Very nice photos, twigs and all!

Tipper said...

Pretty clouds-and I like the tree in the shot-makes the clouds seem so close you could touch them.

Arija said...

I'm with you,I've always been fascinated by clouds and any other sky phenomenon.
Lovely clouds you have captured this week.

Daisy said...

Very lovely pictures. I enjoy looking at the clouds too. Gives me a chance to stop and think about things. :)

Hope you have a great day today!