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Monday, February 16, 2009

More On Milk

Okay so that whole sheep's milk is sweet thing, ya it's not!

Last night I had some friends who are big milk lovers, taste my "milk" and thy both said it was gross. So I drank the last sip, and to my horrid surprise it was gross.

For some reason after it sits in the fridge for a day or two it turns sour.
I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up, I think I want my goats back.


LindaSueBuhl said...

Just a short road trip to Texas and you can have goats galore - cheap too! I don't drink milk at all - just on cereal and in food type milk (oh and whipped cream - totally into the whipping of some cream) so I would be a lousy judge of good versus not good milk.

Anonymous said...

I am lactose intolerant so I would not be a good judge of good tasting milk either! Seems like a lot of work for not much benefit, huh?

KathyB. said...

maybe making it into yogurt ? Or smoothies..fruit smoothies, or feeding it to LAMBS!Do you think some of your other sheep might have better tasting milk ?

Daisy said...

Maybe it tastes better to the lambs? :)

Susie said...

I love milk and am a big drinker of it. I can honestly say I have never had sheep or goats milk. Not sure I want to either.

Anonymous said...

my sheep milk drinking days are over.anne-pants